The Arms Of Sheltered Bonds (By Amber & Rabbia)

Beneath the umbrella of our sacred bond, we sanctuary in unlatched arms – syncing hands to enkindle to God’s divine plan.

Surrounding air covers the earth edges, steering winds to the right path so as to not go astray.

Collaborating in dynamic energy exchanges to give and receive in nests of concurrence.

Keeping in its own warmth, like day provides it to night, offering defense to one another, as Acacia collinsii gives shelter to ants.

The armour and security blending of my existence, the light protection from thunderous net manifestations.

An invisible elastic band, wrapped and entwined, to expand then ping us back together within the natural order of things.

Wondering, how one can forget the fear of being dispersed, ever noticed the spray from the sprinkler? As we have Divine surety to be together until the ending.

-Amber (DiosRaw) & Rabbia (Happily-Ever-After)

Made it together , For friendships πŸ€—

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