” Thank You “

Thank You very much Thank you everyone for supporting me and giving me the power to do more and more the thing I only know. I was busy with papers so couldn't make time to write this post. But now, Alhamdulilah my papers are finished, please don't ask how it went because I am not… Continue reading ” Thank You “


To the right path…

If at any time in your life it seems that your past will come to you and destroy it. So hide this ghost of your past in a box. Until you are able to stop being haunted by those ghosts. Then get the ghost out and ask yourself. What kind of deprivation has made you… Continue reading To the right path…


The Arms Of Sheltered Bonds (By Amber & Rabbia)

Beneath the umbrella of our sacred bond, we sanctuary in unlatched arms - syncing hands to enkindle to God's divine plan. Surrounding air covers the earth edges, steering winds to the right path so as to not go astray.Collaborating in dynamic energy exchanges to give and receive in nests of concurrence. Keeping in its own… Continue reading The Arms Of Sheltered Bonds (By Amber & Rabbia)