Emotions & Abilities

Only in sadness 

I can avidly confess

The things that I have hidden

Only in frightening

I can deeply hear

Rustling, whispering, cicadas,

Only in jealousy 

I can truly sense

How much I love the people 

That are owned by me 

Only in arrogance 

I can keenly notice 

How important I am 

To my ownself 

Only in furiousness

I can zealously feel 

How much I care 

“How strange isn’t it?.. Our emotions tell us how many abilities we have“. Don’t be harsh about your emotions. See what they are telling you. Be the best companion for yourself first.

Be kind

Stuck with future problems

There are always these questions in our minds when we are thinking about our future.

What are the things we are interested in, what are the careers we should adopt, what are the hobbies that can subsidise us in the future?

We are so haunted by our future bank balance we are not really interested in knowing what are the things we want to do. What are the hobbies that are so therapeutic to us?

That is the reason we cannot determine our choice about our profession and passion.

Nowadays, we usually ask our elders which fields are in demand instead of telling them what are subjects we like the most.

Normally if we didn’t do that, then some of our parents do that for us. Where they should ask us what are your favourite subjects you want to study in the future, they impose engineering(especially software engineering in case of girls), MBBS like subjects. 

In our society, we should normalise it that other subjects exist. I am talking about subjects that we like: robotics, psychology, dietician(for men) and mechatronics engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering (for girls) either they have the scope or not.

And the thing is if we are not interested in our subjects we can’t be able to go with the society’s scope. We create scope for ourselves by taking interest in our subjects.

I think recently time has changed but none of our mindsets.

Why can’t we leave these financial analytics aside and think about our choices? Actually, that can release so many of us from depression. 

So that we will study for our interests, our knowledge. Then we’ll be able to take part in our class lectures. And then we will make exclusive ideas for future inventions in our fields.